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A Way to Enhance Renewable Energy Development

March 29, 2012

Earlier this month, a blog was posted on this website that discussed a potential dimming in the outlook for renewable energy development. Although the drags on renewable energy projects mentioned have not dissipated, Utah has just enacted a law (Senate Bill 12) that may partially offset them. Specifically, beginning this summer Utah will permit electric utility retail customers to purchase power directly from renewable energy projects. The state’s electric utilities will deliver the green power to customers.

Other states with fully regulated electricity markets should consider permitting retail access of renewable energy. Enabling customers to purchase green power directly from producers rather than restricting access to indirect procurement through utilities should increase interest in project development. A key driver for this would likely be the ability of customers to enter into direct long-term purchase power agreements with producers. The price certainty associated with these agreements would effectively allow green energy procurement to acquire an energy risk management dimension. As direct access to power generated from renewable resources increases, the share of electricity generated from alternative energy projects should rise accordingly.

Utah is to be saluted for its proactive stance towards green power, and the flexibility that it has bestowed upon retail customers. It would be wise for other states to consider similar legislation.

 Ken Eisdorfer 03/28/2012

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